I don’t teach you HOW to breathe, you know how to do that, i.e. there are no complicated routines to learn, but using the breath we cover natural ways to reduce pain, to breathe effectively alongside deep relaxation techniques and how your partner can encourage you in this. You learn self-hypnosis skills to overcome fear and increase confidence and to reduce the negative impact of fear and anxiety on your body. In a nutshell this is hypnobirthing! Most women book from 26 to 36 weeks. This is the perfect complement to NCT / NHS classes, as it covers areas that are not always included and as a very experienced NCT Teacher who has for many years also taught Hospital antenatal classes I can vouch for that!

I am currently offering private courses over Zoom as follows, or if you wish to arrange a group course for you and your friends, we can do that. See below for terms.


This is a great complement to any other birth preparation you may be doing or works as a stand alone in itself.

6  hours in total, usually run over 2 sessions. Fee £325.00


For those who have used hypnobirthing before, either by attending one of my courses or elsewhere, do consider a Refresher.

2 x 90 minutes sessions. Fee – £165.00

If you and your friends would like a GROUP HYPNOBIRTHING COURSE as mentioned above, then that can be arranged a follows:

6  hours in total, run over 2 sessions. Fee £275.00


This course covers the mechanics of birth, the role of hormones, how to maximise your chance of a straightforward birth, relaxation techniques, partner support role and anything else you which to focus on.

6  hours in total, (plus breaks) run over 2 sessions. Fee £325.00

The package Included are handouts emailed both before and after the sessions, plus, for the Hypnobirthing courses, hypnosis tracks and followup email support.  On booking I send a number of positive birth stories for you to read along with a couple of relaxation tracks, sent by Dropbox, and, if this is your first experience of Hypnobirthing,  post out a copy of the excellent book “Effective Birth Preparation” by Maggie Howell. Birth partners have a track just for themselves as well. Ongoing support up to the birth via email is included.

What do I need to do now? Call me on 07718 629445 or contact me via the form below. I will send you a booking form and further details. After payment has been received you will receive an email confirmation.  You will also receive a pre-course questionnaire for you to fill out and return to me, in  complete confidence, to help me meet your needs.

To book workshops: