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Welcome. My Hypnobirthing workshops in Wimbledon and Wandsworth will help you stay calm, focused and in control, letting your body get on with what it was designed to do. If it’s your second time and you have not used hypnobirthing before you will surely benefit.

Hypnobirthing is becoming increasingly popular by the day. Royals are using it, celebrities are using it, but the only reason I mention that is that it gets in the news.

What is Hypnobirthing?

It’s not rocket science, but I do talk about the science behind it as it’s definitely not hippy or wishy-washy! The self-hypnosis techniques you will learn are designed to help you to feel both in control and also have some control over the sensations you will feel – which tell you your baby is on their way. Evidence shows it can shorten labour, leading to less intervention, resulting in calmer babies and more confident parents. Fears and doubts disappear and are replaced with a new sense of calm and confidence. Labour and birth are unpredictable and what really matters is that you feel positive about your birth experience, no matter how or where it happens which is why I also enjoy preparing women and their partners for planned caesarean births. In short, these techniques will help you have a truly positive birth experience.

Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner training has been accredited by the
Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and I was part of the team of hypnobirthing practitioners that first led Natal Hypnotherapy workshops at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in 2013.

Why do a workshop?

Here is some recent feedback:

“I think the emphasis on the birthing partner’s role is very important and allowed my partner to feel more engaged in the journey”

“I am a Doctor and was a bit sceptical about it but now realise that it is a great way to relax and chill out.”

“It was very reassuring to be reminded that our bodies should be trusted to do what we are instinctively designed to do. Sandra was highly knowledgeable and it was very reassuring to hear her previous experiences especially the positive birth stories!

and more……

“I won’t lie, it was incredibly painful but I would have never got through it, without intervention had it not been for Natal Hypnotherapy.” MM

“Sandra is extremely knowledgeable and really brought the techniques to life. This is an excellent workshop and I would highly recommend it”. NT

“Sandra was a calming influence, well-trained and gave us confidence in the process”. NS

“Thankyou for helping me believe I can do it” RW

And finally…………

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