My name is Sandra Bush and I am a Natal Hypnotherapy trained practitioner, NCT Antenatal Teacher and Tutor, and also a  fully qualified Hypnotherapist, NCH certified (National Guid of Hypnotists).  I teach antenatal classes at a local Hospital and have been helping prepare women and their partners for birth and parenthood in the Wimbledon and Wandsworth area for well over 22 years.

Having taught many women in the past who had used hypnobirthing, and having heard such positive feedback I decided to take up Natal Hypnotherapy and trained with it’s founder, Maggie Howell. I am also available for seeing clients wth pregnancy-related issues, including anxiety, on a one-to-one basis.

Click here for a short video clip where Maggie speaks about how she came to develop Natal Hypnotherapy.  Listen to what Chireal, who gave birth to twins, has to say about the impact it had on her labour, how she felt very little, if any pain at all.

Both of my sons were born pre-Natal Hypnotherapy and although the breathing and relaxation techniques I learned in both NCT and yoga classes made a difference, and I was fortunate to have fantastic support each time, I now know that using self-hypnosis would have prepared me better had things turned out differently.

I am passionate about enabling women and their partners to embrace the process of giving birth and to be confident parents. If you are expecting a baby and want to feel more confident about giving birth do consider booking a Natal Hypnotherapy workshop with me.

You will also find information on NCT classes in Wimbledon and Wandsworth on this page.