Hi, I’m Sandra Bush and in 2011 I trained as a Hypnobirthing  practitioner with Maggie Howell, founder of Natal Hypnotherapy, a course accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM). I’m also an NCT Antenatal Teacher and Tutor/Assessor by the way, facilitating my first course in 1994 and  I teach NHS antenatal classes at a local Hospital.

My latest studies led to my qualifying as a Hypnotherapist, NGH certified (National Guild of Hypnotists).  I see women for mostly pregnancy related issues on a one to one basis and will be developing my new website soon. If you yourself or you know of someone who has had a traumatic birth experience please send them my way. You will find more details here under “Birth Trauma”.

For hypnobirthing specifically I offer group workshops and also private one to one sessions. As a Hypnotherapist I see clients wth pregnancy-related issues, as well as birth trauma, including anxiety, dealing with specific fears and help with conception.

Both of my sons were born before Hypnobirthing took off in this country though the first recorded birth using hypnosis was in 1858.  I am convinced the breathing and relaxation techniques I learned in both NCT and yoga classes made a difference, and I was fortunate to have fantastic support each time, I now know that using self-hypnosis would have prepared me better had things turned out differently.

If you are expecting a baby and want to feel more confident about giving birth do consider booking a Hypnobirthing workshop with me.

You will also find information on NCT classes in Wimbledon and Wandsworth on this page.