Birth Trauma/Rewind technique

Birth Trauma

Women and /or their partners can come out of a difficult birth experience feeling traumatised, unable to let go of strong, adverse emotions that resurface whenever they recall what happened. Or perhaps the first few days and weeks have been difficult to get through, perhaps it was was the feeding experience that led to unhelpful motions that just won’t go away. It is normal to react adversely to stress and this can make us feel rubbish but what isn’t normal is when these negative feelings remain.

I have been seeing clients on a word of mouth basis for some time, using skills acquired during my training as a Hypnotherapist but took a course with Alex Heath, founder of ‘Traumatic Birth Recovery’ and am now offering the TBR 3-step Rewind Technique.

The treatment consists of 3 sessions, the first up to 90 minutes, and is hugely successful in  bringing about change. Clients are able to process traumatic memories in a way that makes them able to recall them in future, without feeling the original unhelpful emotional response.

Feedback from a recent client says it all:

For the birth, I successfully had the VBAC, and was totally able to keep out my mind the previous experience of panic and worry I’d had. So a massive thank you for your help and advice. It has made me look back on my second delivery in a much better light than if I had not had our sessions. I felt a lot more in control and prepared for what to expect.”                                                                             A.D.

The fee for the three sessions £175.00. Some clients may wish to book additional sessions.

You will find my details on this site below where you can also read more about the TBR Rewind technique.

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