Birth Trauma and other postnatal support

Birth Trauma

Women and /or their partners can come out of a difficult birth experience feeling traumatised, unable to let go of strong, adverse emotions that resurface whenever they recall what happened. Or perhaps the first few days and weeks have been difficult to get through, perhaps it was was the feeding experience that led to unhelpful emotions that just won’t go away. It is normal to react adversely to stress and this can make us feel rubbish but what isn’t normal is when these negative feelings remain.

I studied with Alex Heath, from Traumatic Birth Recovery and offer the TBR 3-step Rewind and as I am now the Assessor for the training, reading and commenting on case-study after case-study, I can absolutely say hand on heart this is a really helpful technique.

The treatment consists of 3 sessions, the first up to 90 minutes, in which you experience a lovely relaxation which you can then take away and listen to inbetween. You can share your story if you wish, but it is not essential. You will have the opportunity to explore how you would like to feel in the future. The second session is usually a week later, consisting of the Rewind itself, and again finishing on a positive note,  and the third two weeks after that when we get together to review how you are feeling and can repeat the positive relaxation / visualisation. You will be able to process any traumatic memories in a way that will leave you able to recall them in future, without feeling the original unhelpful emotional response.

If you have previously enjoyed positive emotional health but are feeling stuck and unable to move on then do get in touch.

Feedback from a recent client says it all:

For the birth, I successfully had the VBAC, and was totally able to keep out my mind the previous experience of panic and worry I’d had. So a massive thank you for your help and advice. It has made me look back on my second delivery in a much better light than if I had not had our sessions. I felt a lot more in control and prepared for what to expect.”                                                                             

The fee for the three sessions £195.00. Some clients may wish to book additional sessions.

You will find my details on this site below where you can also read more about the TBR Rewind technique.

Do contact me to find out more.

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