Birth Trauma

I am pleased to offer a specific service for anyone, partners included, who feel traumatised as a result of their birth experience, or it could be coping with high anxiety in the postnatal period. I have been seeing clients on a word of mouth basis for some time, using skills acquired during my training as a Hypnotherapist but have recently attended a wonderful training course with Alex Heath and am now offering the MAM 3 step Rewind Technique.

The treatment consists of 2 sessions, the first up to 90 minutes, followed by a second lasting an hour.  It is an incredible technique, originating from NLP and is hugely successful in  bringing about change. Clients are able to process traumatic memories in a way that makes them able to recall them in future, without feeling the original unhelpful emotional response.

The fee for the two sessions is £130.00. Some clients may wish to book additional sessions.

You will find my details on this site below where you can also read more about the 3 step Rewind technique.

Do contact me to find out more.